Friday, March 11, 2011

Nature getting it's own back...

Morning all,

I was woken up at 3am this morning by my mother phoning with news of the quake and tsunami off the coast of Japan. I currently have four friends in hard hit areas so I have been sat infront of the news channel and obsessing over facebook and CNN websites all morning.

I am on Vancouver Island so we're feeling some affects here, but it's calmed down. No longer a tsunami warning for this area. Still high winds and about six foot waves down at the beach but nothing worse than that.

Two of these friends are members here, Tarah and Marley. All of them are Cove Gaurdian activists with Sea Sheperd. News is sparse, painfully so. I received an e-mail from Marley late last night letting me know they (her, Mike, and Carisa) had arrived in the small coastal town of Otsuchi and they were heading out to film the Dalls porpoise slaughter later that day.

The quake hit while they were filming down on the beach. A video was sent out and put online by Suzanne West that put me at ease somewhat. The voices of Carisa and Marley could be heard on the video. I have been playing the first 15 seconds over and over just to hear their voices. They were in seperate cars so Marley's voice was just from over the walkie talkie, asking if she should go up the steep hills because of falling rocks...They were all heading into the hills to stay way from tsunami waves.

This video was from about 14 hours ago now and we are waiting for more news. We are all hoping that the lack of contact is only because of cell phone signals and internet connections being down.

No news yet of Tarah or Scott West. I also did not hear or see Mike in the video but can only hope that if I heard Marley that he would not be far from her.

Please donate what you can to assist them in this situation and spread the message.

Mike, Marley, and Carisa's Blog:

Tarah's Blog:

Sea Shepard Blog (updated yesterday, has images/video of Dall's porpoises being brought in that day)

Keep positive everyone and I will update when I get more news!

The one good part of this natural event is that the cetaceans of the Japanese waters are temporarily safe from the molesters.

In friendship,



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  2. I've got a challenge going on at my Misanthropic Shiba blog. It also lists animal rescue organizations operating in Japan and animal rescue/welfare organizations mobilizing to aid abandoned/distressed animals. Unfortunately, my latest information indicates that there isn't a lot of information coming out of the areas hit by the tsunami and some areas are still out of contact.

    Japanese Dog Owner Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Challenge

    Also, we've got news on the people mobilizing to support animals in distress in the affected areas! Check the link above.

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